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Hey there! I’m Nila.

I’m a compositor and editor originally from┬áBoston, USA. I’m currently in Stockholm Sweden in a Motion program at Hyper Island.

I grew up encouraged to be a strong creative individual. I’ve always been in love with art and┬ácommunicating visually. I’ve studied Digital Media and am now focused on everything motion related. I worked as a photographer, a creative and a graphic designer within advertising and now want to get more into cinematic work.

I am a bit of a nomad and love to travel about. I’m enthusiastic, curious and want to be surrounded by a diverse group of individuals. I’m on the constant search for an innovative environment that values my honest and fresh perspective. I’m a diligent open-minded person who is eager to learn and always looking to level up in life. I’m keeping my eye open for new opportunities and if you’re interested take a look at my websites and contact me up if you like what you see.

I’m always eager to grab a quick coffee and chat.