Hyper Island, Motion Creative (2016-2017)

After working within advertising and shortly with start-ups, I wanted a change. I had moved back to Sweden and joined the Motion program at the Hyper Island Stockholm location. I focused on VFX, compositing and worked a lot with directing. I learned to test concepts, manage multiple tasks/projects, and developed my post-production skills.

Hyper Island, Digital Media Creative (2013-2015)

After living in Sweden for a few years I came across Hyper Island, a digital arts and media college. I joined the Digital Media program in Karlskrona Sweden in 2013 focusing on graphic design but learned project management and copywriting along the way. I had a 6 month internship period that I went to London to complete.

Columbia College Chicago (2007-2008)

I majored in Photography at Columbia College Chicago and minored in Creative Writing. I focused mainly on analog photography, from editorial to portraits. I have a strong understanding of composition, balance, and how to communicate with imagery. When it came to writing, I thought narrative fiction was the most interesting and focused on writing that. I don’t write now but I read constantly.