Hey! I’m Nila.

There was a little girl exploring the world and discovered she adored showing others the things she saw; not just in the world around her but the one in her head as well.

I’m a VFX artist and compositor born in Boston, USA. I’ve moved about 25 times and I’m currently based in Stockholm Sweden. I was raised with a strong sense of individuality and creativity. When I moved to Sweden, I studied Digital Media and Motion Creative at Hyper Island. Developing not only my hard skills but also team dynamics. I’m fuelled by dazzling visuals and witty stories (also coffee). VFX empowers me, I love working with physical and simulation effects as well as compositing. I still love exploring the world and my imagination. After you take a look at my website be sure to hit me up if you like what you see.


Cinema 4D
Adobe CC Suite
Ps, Ai, Pr, Ae, Lr, Id

What people say about me

"Nila has the best can-do attitude and is always quick with creative ideas and solutions. She can pick up new skills like it's nothing. Whoever gets to work with her is bound to have a blast!"
If I had to name one person who was the funniest to work with it would be Nila! She's one of the best people I know. We always have a great time working together."

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