Blog: 30 October 2013

Sooo I haven’t been very present on this blog. My own fault; can’t tell if it’s from being too busy or being too lazy though. Anyway, I haven’t introduced myself much. I’m Nila! You say it like Nylon and Lalala. Most people say it wrong but that’s okay, with a name like mine you get use to it. I like design and badass beauty. I can be indecisive as all hell and get distracted easily. You might be thinking to yourself, Umm okay what’s the point in this post? Well I’m documenting my journey. It’s gunna be a fun one…may be a bit long but a fun one none-the-less.

I’m a student at a media school in Sweden and my program manager always says “DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!” So I’ve been trying to do that. About two weeks ago (Oct. 18) my program of 35 students had an exhibition in Malmö. About 600-700 people showed up and I realized because we didn’t show them how much of a struggle we had building our tech the crowd didn’t appreciate it as much as I expected them to. 

So here I am…documenting. 
My new project is an individual task. They said we could do whatever we’d like around design or technology. ANYTHING? Yes. What do I choose to do? Figure out it is I want to be and how to brand/market myself to others, i.e. companies and the industry. That includes documenting everything I’m doing. Since I’m alone in this one it’s a bit…odd. I like working in groups and when I document I prefer just taking a picture of all the stuff we’re doing but its a bit harder to do that this time so Blogging it is! 

What have you done thus far, Nila?

What a great question mysterious reader!
Well I made a schedule to get myself on track. Which is now behind by a day because of traveling for a good 6-8 hours.

So I defined my goals and skills, things I want to learn not just for this project but before I graduate, etc. 

I realize I have a long adventure ahead, there is just so much I don’t know or understand about the industry and myself within it. 
I need to develop my skills with design further, understand more complex group psychology, get some motion graphics skills, agile processes, better my UX design skills…the list legit goes on and on. Ugh so much to do and so little time. Albeit not just before this project ends. 

I need to focus and prioritize better. Hence why I’m back home in the north part of Sweden. No distractions, no temptations; just me with my boyfriends family making sure I get what I have to get done… actually done.

What’s on the schedule for the rest of the day and tomorrow? Well, I still have more research to do. And I want to get started on building my website. Which currently looks like this:image

 Time to get back to the grind!