Blog: 7 November 2013

Finally, yesterday afternoon I finished my website! Well as finished with the coding and such as I can get for the moment. The gallery photos have been sized to fit the page right, twitter has been set on it, and the design is the way I’d set out for it to be.

It took a while and there are still bugs about the site I need to touch up within the next couple days.
Needs to resize the photos so they aren’t so giant on the site.

I still have to have my boyfriend figure out what the problem with the mail form is. I also want a tab to connect my tumblr to it so anyone interested could stay up to date.


I love the simplicity of it but every time I try connecting it to my email it just doesn’t go through. Might just be the server but I will hopefully have it all set by the end of the weekend.

Like I said though I’m pretty happy with it. I did meet my deadline which was yesterday, and that feels great! I started late and only had a week to get it done. I knew nothing about developing a site. I was difficult and I got frustrated a lot. I still don’t know a lot of the terms for what all I did, but I did it and even could explain to a friend what to do when she told me she wanted to do the same with her site. I don’t know if because I had such little time the frustrations I had became more urgent or when I have less time I push myself harder.