Blog: 10 November 2013

So today I tried organizing my life a bit. Besides redoing my budget, I picked up on some things I had been reflecting on. Over this past project I realized the vast chasm that is between me and my goals. I see in my head what I want to become (an art director and ceo of my own agency), the skill level I want to reach, and the kinds of partners/clients I want to work with. There is just so much I don’t know and have to go through to get to that point.

So today I figure out what some of the stuff that I don’t know are. I figured out what steps I have to take to get where I want. And I remade my schedule so I can have time to teach myself things I don’t know yet.It feels like a relatively productive day despite the fact I’m still in my pj’s and sat in the same spot for over 7 hours.

While researching, I noticed the lack of black people in the digital media/advertising industry. Now as African-American, as non-conventional as I may be, I pick up on those things. I wouldn’t necessarily say I expected to see a TON of black people in western advertising or DM but I did expect more than I came across. 

I was looking at agencies I might want to intern at over the summer and for my last semester at Hyper Island. Of all the 20+ agencies I looked at there were 5….let me rewrite that FIVE that I came across! Only one was a black female. I don’t know how I feel about that. All my life I’ve grown up kind of in between two cultures: my mixed African-American culture and a blend of subcultures. My family is very much your average black family in the US of A. Big, bold and boisterous. On the other hand I am a geeky metalhead, I am a part of many sub-cultures and so most of my friends are…well not black. So normally I don’t think too much about race. I don’t even really like the term African-American. It has nothing to do with being ashamed of my heritage either, before you get it in your head! I am part Cherokee, part Lakota, part English and part African. So I just consider myself American. 

Anyway, I guess I just assumed when one is going to create or advertise content for the masses there would be a more diverse group of people in the industry. I feel like it’s missing out on an opportunity to be more versatile. With more people of different backgrounds and experience the industry can make better work. But maybe I’v just haven’t looked far enough..? When I googled ‘black people in digital media/ advertising’ I came across one article of a women at a convention where she was one of three black people there, another was Men in Black II, and there was black digital lit websites…that’s pretty sad.

I’ve become more motivated to reach my goals now. I feel like if I get to where I want to be, and people see me there, maybe something will change. I want to change it.