Blog: November 17, 2013

So this week we had a lot going on, hence me disappearing from my blog for so long! It’s almost 8pm on Sunday night, I just had a pizza and I just want to relax and watch some anime. But I have learned from my mistakes. Documenting is key. So I guess I’ll go over everything from the top!

Monday we came back to the Hyper grind and presented our solo projects. I should have thought more about how I was going to present. It could have been better. I had pictures of the progress of the site but I just showed the final product sooo…yeah. That was a misstep on my part.

Tuesday, we had got our assigned groups! Five in my group and so far so good! One person was sick so we had to progress without him but it was a very good and progressive afternoon. We decided on rolls, and I am project manager this time around! I’m  a lot more comfortable in a team leader position so I’m very happy everyone else in the group was okay with it. We also talked about how we would be as a group; on time, honest, eager to do awesome shit! 

Wednesday, we had Nikolaj Fremming come by for a workshop. He is a creative director from Denmark. He was a pretty cool cat. He introduced us to a mini-brief…from ADIDAS! Well, Adidas NEO. The brief was essentially two challenges. The first was re-purposing the RFID tags they use in stores on merch to do innovatory. The second, was to create a fashion wearable. So my team thought of blending the two into one product. Creating a wearable that would help consumers shop and feel more connected to the brand out-of-store. It would use RFID tech to customize in-store adverts and help with finding sizes, make clothing suggestions, etc. While out-of-store the user could attend events hosted by Adidas & partners or get discounts/deals. I think it would be genius but we’ll see where it all goes. Oh and all this was due by midnight that night, leaving us 11 hours to go through brainstorming and all the things that could go wrong and get the concept out to Nikolaj.

Thursday, we got our real brief. To come up with a business concept, product or service and be able to convince a “Dragons’ Den” style of investors in December. I had us come up with topics and questions on post-its and from there we came up with 87 different ideas. It felt so good to have a team that was genuinely interested with coming up with creative ideas that were possible to go with! I’m very proud of us. We only had to come up with 50 but I tried to make sure we didn’t stress on the number and just focus on having fun…it pays off for sure.

Friday, we had to pick the top five ideas. It was just three of us that day since there were a few people out sick. But it worked in the groups favor I think. Me and the other two guys were really on the same page. Even though it was tough to pick just five of the ideas, we really did have some amazing ideas, we did it in under three hours. After that it was a bit difficult. We have to wait until tomorrow, Monday, and have a meeting with the industry leader from a company called Malou. He is going to talk to us about our ideas and help us more with narrowing them down to one. So after 11, we really had nothing else to do. I was a bit lost, I tried for a very long time to figure out SOMETHING for us to do but there wasn’t anything so we called it quits and left early. There was a team event for the whole class that afternoon but by then I was too tired to try with just half a team.

So this weekend…what did I do?
Research. I looked more into business modeling and concepts, strategies and tips. Every time I look into the industry, I end up looking into internships as well. I might have my plans altered a bit soon. My mom is moving and might not be able to keep our dog, Peanut. I’ve always wanted her with me. But if I want to intern abroad it’s a bit…impossible to keep her with me. I really want to intern in Seoul or Tokyo. But the more I look into it the harder it seems. I can’t speak either language so the markets and industries are almost completely cut off from me. Tokyo is hella expensive, Korea is cheaper but still pretty disconnected from our western digital media industry. But maybe I can find a place that is willing to accept me…and my sweet amstaff.