Mini blog: November 19, 2013 Morning

Yesterday was pretty busy. First a woman named Sofie came by to talk to us about her agency, Ocean Observations, and what they do. It was all quite cool. Lots of blending tech with design in fields like health which I never thought of before. She is my classmate’s step mom and really nice. I looked more into her company and they have an office in Tokyo! Interested? Hells yeah I am!
After her talk we met Patrik from Milou. Our industry leader for this project. He seems to know his shit which I really like.  Learned a lot about business; blue and red oceans, values of customers etc. We narrowed my groups idea from 5 to 1, Yay! It was a bit difficult to agree. It was mostly split between two which were great ideas but I argued hard for the one that seemed more fun and honestly easier to market. The other was very practical but it would be in a red ocean. What we are about to embark on is kind of a new thing…well something analog taken digital.
Well then, my body is super tired. I feel like I’m slowly shutting down and I may need a private day soon. Which I dont want to have but might need. I feel like my position as project manager will look bad if I have a day of rest honestly,  sounds silly, but I just feel that way.