Blog: November 23, 2013

We have chosen to work with the digital storytelling idea. It’s simple. The platform gives you a line and you write a sentence to build upon it and pass it on to the next random person. Simple sleek and easy. We really want to make the UX/UI intuitive and easy. Unfortunately there are a few others that are like it…but they suck! They were nothing like how I imagined ours would be. It was all stuff that looked like they came straight from 1997…sad.

I think if we have a pretty good developer it will be easy to create. We envision it to be online and an app; so as soon as we find a developer it would be pretty easy to move onto marketing it. For now we are just pretending we have someone who can program it already.

I’m project manager, which I am seriously happy about, and so we decided that we should assign roles. Although I don’t like assigning them until we fully understand what it is we need to get done, we did it anyway. Two guys are working on the design and the other two are working with me on the business plan. From what I can tell it’s going to be the bane of my existence. But I am working hard to make sure we have fun while doing it…I’m not sure how to accomplish that when it comes to business stuff honestly. I mean it’s just soooo dry! I’m the kind of gal who loves coming up with ideas and creative details and letting others figure out all the logistics of things. But not this time.

This time I am the “Queen Bee” as it were. I have to organize and make sure we don’t over look something. I’m not good with those kinds of things. I’d rather hire someone. But I guess I should buckle down and learn something new and maybe gain some experience. Some skills. I need more skills. I need to see the vision in my head, break it apart and put it together again but in the real world. 

It’s just that I feel a bit annoyed. This is the sixth project and I haven’t done any sort of design work really. I did one of the posters for the industry module we had. I made a poster on how the industry will be in the future. And it looked pretty okay. I guess I really need to make a decision. I want to be a creative director but I won’t get there until I’ve gone through other positions. And I need to LEVEL UP my design skills soon. Not just so my next group/project isn’t a let down but so I can push forward in the direction I want to go.

Ta ta for now!