Blog: 17 December 2013

So today we met our module industry leader, the person that will guide us through everything for this project, Ingemar Pettersson.

Yesterday we talked with Sandro, my program manager, about our next projects learning objectives and everyone seems to have already checked out. Nobody was focusing and just complained about not getting any of it. It was frustrating me a bit. I have started to just move from group to group if the vibe was negative and unproductive. It’s like this, Hyper Way is to step outside of your comfort zone and make sure you learn how to learn. But I feel like a good 3/4th of the class haven’t taken this to heart. So many complain when explanations aren’t given. They get frustrated and negative and give up…it makes us look lame.
We also got feedback from Adidas NEO about our mini-project at the beginning of the module. We were offered two briefs, one: finding another use for RFIDs in stores & two: create a wearable for NEO. So our feedback was that they really liked that we combined the two briefs so customers could find products and get recommendations. And since Adidas would get a LOT more info about their consumers they made a good point that it could be free for the consumers. I’m glad we came up with such a great idea honestly. Less than 24-hours and we came out with a great concept.

So today, we talked about what we thought the industry was. As well as what we were good and bad at; i.e. photoshop, laziness, focus. It was enlightening, I haven’t thought much about me in terms of what I’m bad/good at but it makes sense if I want to better and promote myself. After we focused of painting a picture of what we wanted for ourselves in two years. I had thought a little about it before but today made everything a lot more tangible. It has been hard to say since I had been so focused on what I wanted at the ultimately…so like 10 years from now. I was able to focus a lot more on the semi-near future. I want to be either in Tokyo or London at an agency that does awesome badass stuff and be super innovative. To do that I need to figure out the steps backwards…It’s difficult. But I think I’ll be working on it over the upcoming weeks.

I’m also excited we will be working hard towards finding mentors and putting ourselves out there, into the digital media world. Getting DM15KNA on the industries map is going to be great. We are going to network the hell out of this module!

Vi ses!