I know I sound like an old curmudgeon punk when I say that I’m totally sick of this “brand” they call Brooklyn. But it’s true. I’m sick of Brooklyn the look, Brooklyn the cool and Brooklyn the aesthetic. And I’m especially tired of Brooklyn’s monolithic tourist trap, Williamsburg, which looks like it’s been branded by the Portland agency Wieden + Kennedy. If I see another Edison light bulb or indie, vintage-furnished Ace-style hotel open up, or one more white, bearded, tattooed, apron-clad, work-booted hipster standing behind the counter of a shop selling pork bellies, small-batch gin, organic barber shop products or old-school, authentic, artisanal, heritage, sustainable, distressed-looking anything, I swear I will throw up. Breaking news, kids: This is not the Pacific Northwest! It’s a trend and it’s getting old. Fast. I get it that Brooklyn the location still offers affordable space where young people can hole up to make art, music, film, or innovative food and it still has great texture and cultural mixes. But to me, Brooklyn the brand is becoming a monochromatic cartoon of itself.

Note from Kim: F*ck Brooklyn (via kateoplis)

You are welcome, Kim. 

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