2013 New Years Blog!

It has been a really interesting year, 2013!

I had stopped studying Swedish full-time because I had fallen in love with a school that I never thought I’d find in Sweden. Working my creative mind again. I’ve found the opportunity I didn’t believe I’d ever have again since leaving Columbia. I hadn’t realized how blue I became after Columbia, but I found myself again at Hyper!

I saw family I hadn’t seen in YEARS at my family reunion in Florida. I went to new places and had a grand time with friends; old and new! Speaking of new friends, at the beginning of 2013 I had about 5 Swedish friends. Now I have SO many and they are all amazing and around my age and I utterly adore them!

I have changed so much. I now have bright blue hair, awesome friends, I can program and code websites and arduinos, I’ve gone further with self-reflection and have learned so so much about who I am and where I want to be! I’m a new Nila.

And now I wonder who I’ll be at the end of 2014! I’m excited! Bring on the new year!