MEGA UPDATE! Feb. 21, 2014

I have done a horrible job keeping this blog up to date. A month without a word? Nila…shame. I see I have messed up. I am at least acknowledging it. And I will remedy the problem now with a massive post on what has been going on with me and Hyper Island.

Last I updated, I was in the middle of a re-branding module with my old group. The tension was still there and it effected our excitement about the project as a whole. The class received a brief from a great digital agency to re-brand a music app they were thinking of launching soon. It was rough. I felt myself go back into the project manager role again but we hadn’t talked about it really. I tried to take my feedback from the last project and apply it to this one but it was difficult to balance one persons needs and the other members of the group. I tried. But my version of being honest is blunt and to the point. I apparently came off rude to one of the members of my team. I realized during a TDS that is how I view honesty. Some people don’t. I struggled with trying to please others on my team and being a considerate PM vs being myself. I can’t be in groups where I can’t be myself so we had a few problems.

BUT we got the brief done, and we did a rather good job. The only problem that came up wasn’t my fault so I was overall happy with what we came up with; a sleek design that was angular and focused a lot on using transparency in the design. I worked on the marketing for the first time and was thrilled that I could do something crazy and wild without having to think of budgets. I worked out a guerrilla marketing strategy that was fun and bold that used the app interface so users can see how easy to use it was. 

I also worked on some last minute merchandise that was very very fun! I didn’t know that I would be as interested in it as I was but…well, I was.I also for some reason decided that I would present our re-branding to the client, one of the agencies I really want to get an internship with this fall. I wanted to make a big impression. I wanted them to give me real feedback that I could use to improve myself and my team. I want to be someone the industry really wants!

I was last to present. Which was nerve-wrecking! I became more and more nervous as time went one. But I had branded cards with my talking points and the beginning went great….but the last few seconds I started to grow nervous and crack. I don’t know why but it is usually like that. I am calm, funny and charming in the beginning and as I go on presenting I begin over-thinking…and my voice tightens and I start forgetting the points and I close down the charm center of my brain and become robotic. My old program manager noticed and gave me feedback on it. But it was overall well received. 

On the 10th of February we received new groups and a new brief! The module? MARKETING! I was really really excited! I thought “Yes! This is my chance to get into something I’m considering doing for the next however many years of my life! I am going to come up with some awesome crazy marketing and it will be great!" That was my thought, my wish. But to quote The Fault in Our Stars "The world is not a wish factory." 

I was excited to be working with new people and seeing how well we are together but the brief was the most difficult out of all the briefs handed to the class. One of Sweden’s; nay, Europe’s largest telecommunications companies wanted us to market their management group and create more brand awareness and bring more traffic to their website.

The brief was…is very big. Luckily our contact person is someone with power and knowledge about every aspect of the company and we were able to haggle a bit about the deliverables. We were able to make the brief a bit more manageable. It still took us a week to discuss and brainstorm about our ideas before we could agree and make decisions. One of our five members is several thousand miles away on vacation which is fine. But another member and I were sick several days that week. It was holding us up and creating tension within the group to not have a clear vision of where we were going with it all. Our contact person was great and able to keep in contact with us VERY often which was great but it wasn’t until yesterday that we got anywhere with solid ideas for the deliverables. 

Now we have kind of let go of one member whose going through personal problems. Which is fine. I hadn’t realized his personal problems were holding us back so much. But now that we don’t have to worry about him we became very efficient. We got a lot of work done today!

One of the members had a step-brother that has been visiting and he has been immeasurably helpful. He is a big piece of our current 4-piece band of market-teers! I’m excited for next week to be more calm. We plan on doing work over the weekend to try and finish earlier than our scheduled presentation date, in case anything were to go wrong I’ve made sure we have several days to soften the blow.

I have unexpectedly volunteered to co-pm a module in a month. I kind of wanted to take it easy but I’m trying to push myself to take on more responsibility now, when I’m able to make the ‘student’ excuse to better my designer/manager skills. So the module is student run, we are split into three groups; design, tech, and project facilitation. I chose design and with my homie Otto we are going to organize the group, facilitate, get lecturers and industry leaders and just ROCK THE HELL OUT OF THIS MODULE! 

There is so much to be done. And so little time… But it’s magnificent! I’m living an incredible journey! I’m experiencing enchanting ups and dynamic downs! I’m on the path that I have wanted to be on for sooo long. I have cried for years to be where I am and even through the tough times I am ALIVE and I am LIVING.

Avoir! <3