Blog: March 16, 2014


So last we left off I was in the middle of our Marketing project. It was for Tele2 and it was a LOT of work. But looking back on it I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I’m really proud of my group, we worked really hard for a long 3 weeks. It didn’t come out the way I had hoped in the beginning. I was hoping to really be able to dive into guerrilla or stunt marketing. But you can’t always get what you want right? 

We had problems with a member of the group. We had to let him go and it went all crazy. We thought it was best for him and us, since he was obviously suffering personal problems and when he was there he wasn’t focused. He seemed grateful to not have to worry about the project. But once we posted a picture of us he kind of flipped out. We obviously didn’t make it clear that he wasn’t in the group anymore. And that’s my fault. I have come out of this with the distinct determination to not care so much about what I say to people. I had become too concerned about not coming off rude or hurtful, and of course I want to be considerate of others but it came to the point that I wasn’t being myself. Clear and truthful about how I feel and what I think. I’m not who I use to be anymore. I was very confident, I still am, but it’s no longer at a 9 but more like a 7.5.

Anyway, back to the project. We went through their website and external info and it always came off cocky and meh. They thought being transparent was just spewing words they thought the audience wanted to hear. We were aiming towards future employees and though the research the up-and-coming workforce isn’t just interested in what a company does but how, what their work culture is like. And you got none of that. So we focused a LOT of effort on them changing the work culture, documenting, and sharing via social media and a tad bit of stunt marketing. We also came up with a concept and strategy book. It took about a week and a half to get done. So frustrating.image


Karin, Märta and I flew up to Stockholm on Monday the 3rd to give our presentation to Tele2. But the weather did not agree with our plans, the fog in Karlskrona delayed our flight by 2 hours. Obviously we were freaking out a bit. But once we got to STKHM it went well. We sat and it felt like a discussion rather than a presentation, they were pretty responsive and it was easier to tell them what we thought was wrong with the company and the brief. They were surprised by a lot of it, I think. But after I felt good. Not really like it was over but that it was just close to being over. We went back to KNA and after a few days had a tense team development session to close the group. We explained to the guy that was kicked out what we felt and thought and he explained his. I still wouldn’t have done a thing differently so I felt a weight lifted after that.

I also dyed my hair! Now it is a blue-purple…or a purplish-blue really. I wanted it more purple but manic panic’s rockabilly blue doesn’t hold back!

So now we have new groups for a new module!

This module is Life Cycle and Digital Projects, which I don’t really get. The only difference from other modules is that we are making sure our hours are logged and there is a bit more structure. I’m really happy to be working with most of my group, just one person who I’m hesitant about and trying not to let our past projects frustration roll into this one. But now I am working with 3 new people who I have been really eager to work with. They are very good at what they do, smart, and honest. 

The new brief is for a project management tool called Podio. We are to redesign their external sign-up page. Which by the way have practically no information on it. So it’s a very clear and straight forward brief, the clearest I’ve ever gotten. I’m just worried my group will get too distracted and stuck in the research stage and analyze it sooo  much that we clunk it up. But so far so good. 

I have been staying after school for too long lately. I have been there until about 8-9pm some times. I’ve been trying to edit my website to get it to perfection, emailing and trying to organize the design module in April. Practically alone, although it is nice to have a co-pm (project manager) he hasn’t been much help but maybe soon…idk. I’m also trying to expand my portfolio, it’s too hard for me to focus at home, I mean home is where I scroll through tumblr and watch Table Talk on youtube. At school I can actually get things done. And that’s good, separating work/school from home is a good thing. I just hate being so far from school, but there is less than a month until we move! Soon I will be 7mins from my school (walking) rather than the 25mins I have now. 

I’ve been looking into business cards lately. Trying to brand myself further. I’ll hopefully be done with some designs by the end of this week, but I also have to do branding posters for the class. We will see what actually gets done. 

We had a great lecture from a former Hyper called Medhane. He opened my eyes that I needed to get out there and start really contacting people and agencies. I had contacted this great designer named Bethany Ng and she agreed to be my mentor! Super excited about that. We have our first skype call on Saturday (22nd) and I don’t even have questions I want to ask her about. I should probably work on that. I also came to the conclusion I probably want to go to Portland. It’s the cheapest of places I want to be, tons of agencies, English speaking, and from what I can tell pretty hipster. It could be really fun. Which means if I do I would probably spend my internship in two places. The other I’m not sure about yet, possibly London or Tokyo. Although now that I know more about the radiation problem there I’m a bit nervous about Japan. I’ve always wanted to go there. Since I was about 8 years old! *le sigh*

I guess I need to reflect more.

Fare thee well