Blog: April 8, 2014

Hey again!

So things have kinda happened. Our team had focused down a lot and finally produced things. I finished with the copy early on and was very happy with it and so was the client luckily. I realized early on that we had a really easy brief and we analyzed it to death and made it more complex than it was. But we had finally made the PSDs for the Podio website, I made the timeline feature using illustrator and for the first time learned and worked with After Effects. At first it was frustrating but my classmate Bendik, whose a design BOSS, really really helped me out. 



Here is the great team logo my teammate Vanessa did. Of course I adore it.

I moved to my new apartment a week ago today and I love it. It’s perfect for me and the Boyfriend. We have so much space now! I’m really close to school and in town so I can meet up with others easily. I also had my tooth removed, which was horrendous. It was one of the worst dental experiences I’ve ever had. I’m told I should have the other wisdom tooth removed but it’s risky because it’s on a nerve and it might cause major nerve damage so they are hesitant about risking it. I am too. I’d rather not do anything at all. It’s not bothering me much so…yeah. Yesterday, I had friends over for the Game of Thrones season 4 premier. Everyone brought something and we had a royal feast! It was amazing and perfect! I’m so glad we have room in this place to host guests.

Yesterday was also the start of the module I had been working very had to manage. I contacted lecturers and set dates, prices, flights and travel…everything. It was a bit stressful but it’s turned out amazingly. Our industry leader is Joakim Norman and he was brilliant.

We often have lecturers talk about how amazing they are and what great work they and their agency does blah blah blah… Joakim got down and had real talk with us. He talked about mistakes and things that get overlooked often and gave real examples. He also wasn’t vague about things! He talked about how things messed up, from not concerning others about backgrounds and how they translate to pixels to not pushing marketing of sites they made and leaving it up to the clients. That’s amazing to me. He proved that he knew what he was talking about and really was down to earth. I’m excited it worked out and to have his coaching. 

Today I wrote out my own brief and organized myself more. I need to expand my portfolio and do the things I want to do in the future. So I’m going to do branding and graphic illustrations. I’m excited! Hopefully I’m not being too ambitious and can actually get everything I want done. I’m trying really hard to keep my energy high this time and not discourage myself.

Take care, ya’ll!