Blog: May 11th, 2014

So the last few weeks I had my individual project which I talked about in the last blog post. I did a lot in the 4 weeks we had. There were several lectures booked for the first weeks, and that made it a lot easier for us to focus without having to take time out and just get stuff done. 

I wrote out my own brief, I wanted to brand, a company and myself, as well as do some illustrations. I really worked hard to get as organized as possible. I realized from the list individual project that if I don’t get myself in a schedule first I won’t push myself to get things done. I spent the first couple days just really getting into order and I have to say, I did a damn good job. image

I had started working on reviewing Fireball Whiskey. I love it but the branding and the website is horrible. If you don’t believe me go check it out. Anyway, I researched them a lot and figured out that I’d like to ‘step up’ their design and stuff though so I looked into logos, typography and even bottle design. I’d never done any sort of product design so it was a bit scary. I started with the basic brand ID; I worked with that for a few days, the logo didn’t take as long as I’d thought to get done and I figured out how much fun it was going to be. It was my first time branding and it was very helpful that Magdalena from SNASK was there and gave a great lecture. She walked around after and gave a bit of coaching which really helped me out a lot!


I wanted to make sure that red wasn’t in the branding, fire isn’t red. Friends and I had a bonfire and I really reflected while we were there and noticed that it was just yellow and bits of blue. So gray has a bit of blue tones in it. Once I made the Brand ID I worked on making the mock-up. I had not found one for a really long time that worked well for me. This is what I came up with:


I think it came out really well. I’m pretty proud of how it looks. I had already made a draft of a bottle but I had no idea how to go about creating a mock up for what I had envisioned. I just didn’t have the skills to get done what was in my head. That became a huge frustration for me, I had reached a point where I realized I sometimes hold back just because I’m afraid of failing myself, of not having the competence to do what I dream of. But I tried none-the-less. I tried for days and days to get what I had in my head out to show the world but the deadlines were pressing and so I made my back up idea. It’s a wine bottle but it did the job.image

I was hoping to come up with something better by now but I’m still too un-skilled to do it. The drafts that I have seem to impress others and I really want to get it done but I swear I will one day. 

I had a coaching session with Joakim Norman and he went through what all I’d done and suggested that I also try doing a website mock-up. I hadn’t really been interested in UX/UI but it was actually quite fun to do. I worked on wireframes for quite a while and got done with the PSDs.


Joakim suggested that I also scale down my brief. I had planned on doing self branding as well as two illustrations, so I decided to just do one illustration and drop the self branding for later when my portfolio was a bit fuller. I found a picture of Jessica Kennedy Parker that I loved and went with that.

Unfortunately the deadline I set myself was pressing and I didn’t get it done in time. But I learned a lot from it, I luckily had friends around that are crazy skilled and helped me sooo much! I’m incredibly grateful to be in a place were I’m surrounded by people who are so talented and loving and helpful. It’s not done but it’s slowly getting there.


Part of the project requires us to work shadow someone in the industry. I work up very early and went to Copenhagen to see Joakim and the fellas at Molamil work. I got to sit in on a meeting with a client and it was really great to see people who disagreed on some things, But they talked and compromised and didn’t take things personally. It was refreshing, some times at Hyper we have a hard time “killing off our babies”.

I really loved this project, I was worried about working alone, I some times become unmotivated working solo but this time around I managed to push myself so hard, I usually work best with others relying on me. I’ve made myself proud.

Now I am in a group of 9 people and we are running as an agency with two clients. I have been really excited to get into this group, I really want to eventually have my own creative agency but I had been project manager for the past 4 groups and wanted to produce in this group and expand my portfolio.

We have two clients, one wants a website/platform and the other…well we don’t know. Their story keeps changing. At first, they said they want to create conscious consumers via a game (yeah we didn’t really get that) and then they said they wanted to sell coffee…and now we are trying to ask them direct questions but they are more evasive than a middle-aged British spy. We literally ask yes and no questions and get 3 paragraphs of nothingness.

Anyway. We are very determined to do work we love, and if the client stays on this track we will probably just move on and do what we can in the amount of time left. We have a LOT of lectures this month and from what I can tell only about 8 working days.

But my group is incredible and they are the most hilarious people in the world. We laugh and have the most fun ever. Although we have some difficult clients, I’m still very confident we will get great stuff done and have a damn good time doing it!