Blog: August 17, 2014

So it’s obviously been a while since I’ve done a proper post. I guess the last time was with specialization which is way too effing long. Honestly, the blog has slipped my mind so often I wondered if I should just delete it. But now school has started up again and meeting all the new students who are so full of ambition and questions reminded me why I wanted to do this in the first place; to show others who are starting this Hyper journey into the creative field my own experience and opinions.

Anyway lets do a bit of an update, eh?

After specialization we had a “Running a Digital Agency” module where our groups were twice the size and we would have two clients to deal with. I was quite excited to work with new people and getting through the challenges. We named the agency Wallah Wasta and tried to get ourselves in order.


Our industry leader suggested that we split the group in half and try to handle clients in semi-groups. I was in the half for Good4Gaia. Their brief was the most confusing and incoherent I have seen at Hyper Island. The original brief was that we create a game for 8-15 yr olds and connecting third-world farmers with consumers, cutting out the middle-man. After our first skype meeting we became even more confused because we found out that the couple whose idea this was were interested in selling coffee actually. They weren’t a company but they wanted to become an umbrella company that would have many factions and hands in different pots. So after literally weeks trying to solve what they were, what they needed to do and what they wanted we decided the research would suggest that they just start with SOMETHING. So we decided to just do branding for them and since they were thinking of selling coffee we brainstormed how they could do it in a viable and unique way. 
We had some group problems though, one member had really horrible family issue that took him out of the country and another…well, he’s always kind of been a slacker and wouldn’t show up most of the time so we were just 3 people doing concept work, renaming, branding and design for a start-up. And in too little time because we spent so much of it trying to get things straight with the client! [HELLA FRUSTRAIGHTING
It was basically when I realized I don’t want to ever work with pro bono clients that A) Don’t already have solid business plans and B) the knowledge and passion to work with us constantly. Our clients had personal communication issues. One was in our town and the other in Oslo, the one in Oslo had the final say but worked at a different business and wasn’t really ever invested in what we were doing. He was usually the most logical but the woman who was local had this saving-the-world idea that was unrealistic. They also didn’t communicate with us often and in the end we had basically 3 weeks con conceptualize, produce and present.

In the end we did come up with solid work.image I felt good working with Sam and Johanna, we were focused and dedicated and actually did a great fucking job even though our situation was shit. When we presented to a panel of industry leaders and our class they were really impressed with how it all worked out and that felt…wonderful! I want to be recognized more by my peers. I always value their opinion and criticism. And even though the team as a whole could have had a tighter culture and been better we definitely learned more about what it is we wanted to do and what we value.

It was also in this project that I realized I should go as a creative team on my internships. After talking to HI Alumni who worked with W+K Tokyo, I found that I’d have a better time with someone there and someone to support me and vice versa. So Johanna was my first choice. She has a similar educational background and we have similar skill sets but we are so very different and we can honestly bounce things back and forth. Thus JoNi was born (JOhanna/NIla)!image

After that project summer hit me like a 84-ton tank! I headed back north, home to Edsbyn and promptly worked on making my website not look like shit and tried to get everything with JoNi, going. Johanna, my partner in crime, was on vacation traveling through the US so it was hard to communicate this summer but we got some stuff done. Lots of research, our branding, our site up and lookin’ good, and even contacted a lot of the agencies we want to do our internships at. Now we just need to get our portfolios from pretty good to HOLY CROWS! level. 
Writing this our kind of makes it seem like I was productive this week…*laughs frantically!* NO, I mostly slept in until 2pm and read books (9 of them) with the cat. At the end of July, my sambo’s parents, he and I went on a trip to Geiranger fjord, Norway! It was INCREDIBLE!


Seriously the most beautiful place in the world! It was warm but not too hot, there was a perfect breeze, the water was cold and crystaline and get this…NO BUGS! Paradise. 

After we got back Anders and I went to Getaway Rock Festival in Gävle like we do every year and it was again amazing! Saw Slayer for the first time and discovered some really amazing bands.

Now I am back in KNA and school has been going on a week. There are so many lovely new kids around that are so interesting and interested. Our first program manager, Måns, use to tell us to be interesting you have to be interested in others. Genuinely interested in them. And I somehow forgot about that!

But anyway. We had a few lectures to prepare us to work in-house for 10 weeks with our assigned companies. I’m in a group of 4 and are going to be creating a digital future for Albinsson & Sjöberg, a Scandinavian publisher who has 18 magazines, mostly motor mags. I’m excited to break them down and build something amazing with them! It’s only been a week since I got back. I already see it being hectic for the next 5 weeks. JoNi needs internship contracts, visa stuff, and finances out of the way. Not to mention starting to work with new people at a new company…and telling them what they are doing wrong. Nobody likes working with one thing for 30+ years and getting told by a few 20-somethings what to do. I’ll definitely try harder to blog consistently.

Much Love

// Nila