Freelance Artist  (Jan. 2018 – Present)

Over the past year I have worked as a Freelance Artist. I’ve been applying my varied skill set to several projects that have come to me; from web editing and working with the marketing team at Chimney Group to designing in-house docs for startups. I have experience as a photographer, copywriter, wordpress editor, graphic designer, motion designer and 3D artist. I’m extremely flexible with the projects I come across, if I can have the opportunity to be creative I take it!


Starbreeze Studios / VFX (Aug. 2017 – Jan. 2018)

I had a 6 month internship with the game publisher Starbreeze in their marketing department working with the cinematic’s team developing teasers, trailers, and other internal and promotional material. I worked mostly as a VFX artist but also with compositing and editing.


Upbeater / Motion Graphics (2016)

I freelanced with Upbeater developing three explainer videos for the start up. I worked from pre-production; developing concepts, palettes, storyboards, as well as production of the motion graphics and animation. I also did the voice over, compositing and editing of the videos.


AnalogFolk / Graphic Designer+Creative (2015)

I worked as part of a creative team with my friend Ben Alasuvanto. We worked on concepts for campaigns and graphic design and editing work the advertising agency needed to put out externally and internally.